Garage Door Cable Repair, Noblesville, IN

garage door cable repair service

Your garage door cable is a vital part of the garage door opening mechanism. The cable connects to other aspects of this mechanism, and if it doesn’t work properly then this often prevents the door from being able to open and close at all. As such, it’s crucial that you get garage door cables repaired or replaced if you notice that it isn’t functioning like it should. Garage door cable replacement and garage door cable repair is a crucial part of our services precisely for this reason. We advise you not to wait until they break; if you notice your cables starting to rust or fray, repair them ASAP to prevent further expenses and damage to other parts of your garage door.

Garage Door Cable Issues

Unfortunately, garage door cables can develop a range of issues the older they get. If you have broken garage door cables or a snapped garage door cable, you are likely to know about it, as the door might not lift up all the way or maybe it will fall off its tracks. However, some of the other problems that your cable might have are less noticeable.

Rusted Cables

Your cables can get rusty due to wet weather conditions, and this rust can prevent them from working properly. Moreover, if they’re rusted then they may be too weak or compromised to work the way that they should.

garage Door Rusted Cables

Jammed / Unwound Cables

Cables can also get jammed or unwound, and this stops them from working. If you notice this, you should stop using the door immediately until the issue has been resolved. Garage doors can be dangerous if part of the opening mechanism isn’t working properly.

Jammed Garage Door Cables

Types of Cables and Uses

Lift Cables

A lift cable helps your garage door open through maintaining and changing tension in the opening system. For example, the cable attaches to garage door torsion springs, which are often the core of an opening system. There are different ways to identify if your lift cable is faulty or damaged.

One of the most common issues with this type of cable is that it snaps. This is usually because the cable is under so much pressure and strain when it opens and closes the door. If the cable snaps, you can generally see that it is broken. You may also notice that your opening mechanism is no longer responding, and this can be due to a snapped cable.

If you find that your opener isn’t working anymore, examine your cable and see if it has snapped. You might also see that the cable is frayed, which can stop it from working properly. As part of our garage door services, we can repair and replace these cables for you.

Retaining Cables

The retaining cable is the part of your opening mechanism that holds the garage door extension springs in place. You can identify a broken or damaged retaining cable in much the same way that you can a damaged lift cable.

If you have any problems with your garage door cables, our team can help. We have a team of professional technicians who closely follow instructions and guidelines when working on your garage door. Working with cables and opening mechanisms can be dangerous, which is why it’s crucial that a qualified professional works on your door and carries out any necessary repairs. Don’t take any risks- get in touch today and let us take care of it for you.

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