5 Home & Garage Expansion Ideas

5 Home & Garage Expansion Ideas

There’s nothing quite like taking your very first home renovation project. One of the ways you can improve your household value is via garage expansions. If you’re looking around for worthy ideas to jumpstart a home renovation, check your garage.

The garage is often a space dedicated to cars and vehicles. However, there are many ways to boost its use more often than not. You are not stuck with one function for the garage space. Let this guide help you build on your first home and garage expansion.

1. Kitchen extension

The first thing you can consider for your home extension is extra kitchen space. Often, the kitchen gets too crowded with a lot of items around. Big appliances can take up a lot of space very fast. Food storage options can transform the kitchen into a tiny, unmovable area of your household.

When considering a kitchen extension, it’s best to contact a garage door company first. For many home expansion projects, owners take out the garage door. You’ll need a reliable company that can handle heavy doors.

Once the doors are gone, you can now work on the area transformation. Contact proper contractors to build a wall and the additional systems in the kitchen extension. Don’t forget to consider ventilation, water pipes, garbage disposals, and other kitchen basics

2. Movie room

Everybody loves a comfortable movie room for a fun movie night. Many homeowners consider a separate area entirely dedicated to films and watch lists. The good news is that you can transform your garage into a movie room and extend the usable interior space.

Clean the garage first and relocate your car towards the driveway. If you plan to take down the garage doors and build another wall, it’s best to contact professional contractors. Once you’re done, consider the additional equipment you need to make the movie room more comfortable.

Some of the things you need to invest in are the following: screen projectors or a big flat-screen TV, media player for CDs, or online subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus.

3. Home office

garage home office

There’s nothing more conducive than having a dedicated home office fit for work hour schedules. Instead of having to travel back and forth to a separate office, you can do business right inside your home.

Many professionals transform an extra usable space into a home office. While it may take work to expand home use that includes work use, it may be your best investment. Not only will you save time and effort with a daily commute. You can also guard your household all day.

For this to work, assess the condition of the garage first. Check the garage door and contact a professional garage technician for any changes. If you plan to take out the doors and build a sturdy wall, it’s best to plan with professional contractors.

4. Laundry area

There are more technical parts of any home that should always be part of the layout. For example, it’s always best to integrate a secluded space for laundry options. All residents use clothes, and having a laundry area should be non-negotiable.

For this, you only need to clean the garage space and examine the garage door. It’s unnecessary to bring down the heavy doors to make the garage floor laundry space. However, it’s a must to have safe and reliable doors guarding the garage.

Once you clean the garage floor, transfer your washing machine and dry cleaners to the garage. Set up some clotheslines, hanging racks, and many hangers to contain the clothes inside for extra use.

5. Garage extension

If you have plenty of vehicles and rides, the most logical home renovation project is a garage expansion. Since you already have a starting place for the same function, why not work on a garage extension?

There are two types of garages which are attached garages and detached garages. If the garage is integrated into the residence, you’ll likely need to build extension walls with professional construction. For a detached garage, consider building a bigger annex space for any additional vehicle.

For garage extensions, you are more likely to extend the space but keep some dimensions intact. As such, you can save some money by reusing the current doors guarding the garage. Contact a reputable team to double-check the garage doors inside.


No matter what type of home expansion or garage extension you need, it’s necessary to check the garage doors first. There will always be a garage door repair company that can guarantee you have safe and working garage doors.

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