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An off-track garage door is when the door is no longer aligned with either side or becomes completely unattached from its cables and wiring. A garage door off track could be uneven, meaning that one side has become misaligned. A garage door off track could also mean a severed door from all connectors. No matter how your garage door came off the track, it would be best if you stopped using it immediately until a professional takes a look.

Please do not use your garage door once it comes off track. This can lead to serious damage to you, your garage door, or any valuables like cars and other items. Call us for an inspection and solution to helping get your door back to normal.

There are plenty of reasons your door has gone off its tracks. A garage door wheel exiting the track is one of the more common issues. This is when one of the wheels gets misaligned and breaks free from the track. Garage door rollers off track is another similar problem since the wheels and rollers work similarly.

A garage door chain off track is another cause for the entire door to get out of place. Chains help guide the wheels and rollers in their movement. If these get messed up, then so does the rest of the garage door’s alignment.

Several Reasons May Cause Your Garage Door to Fall Off Track

There are many reasons for your wheels, rollers, and chains to cause your door to get off its track. One of the more direct causes is a sudden impact. Maybe you collided with the garage door and caused its configuration to be out of whack.

A broken cable is also a potential reason for your door to be misaligned. This is more common for older garage doors with cables on either side. These wires help lift and lower the door, balancing out the weight of the panels. After much wear and tear, these cables can snap and cause the entire door to get off track.

Loose screws and other hardware can also serve as causes for off-track garage doors. When all contraptions and connectors are not in order, the entire door becomes unsound. Regular checks are critical.

Your garage door wheel can also raise the issue of a garage door off track. Wheels absorb a lot of weight when you open and close the door. Over time, if they are not replaced appropriately, they can snap or fall out of place.

Finally, the most common cause for doors to get out of place is a dented track. If your garage door fell off track, it is most likely because the track itself is dented or broken for some reason. If notice that the tracks on either side of the door do not look correct, then seek professional attention before using the door again.

If there is anything wrong with your tracks or your garage door has noticeably come off its course, call us right away. We are always available to help with your urgent track-related issues.