Repair Services

To upgrade or maintain the value in your home, it’s important for your home to create a pleasing and appealing first impression. You can do this by carefully choosing the color and design of your front door and also landscaping your home. Once you are done installing the garage door, it will make a big difference and it will add to the curb appeal of your home.

Garage doors are meant to last for a really long time that’s why you really have to carefully invest in getting one that doesn’t just match your home’s aesthetic beauty but also one that matches the purpose and the frequency of use of the garage door. A garage door is a big investment and it doesn’t require regular maintenance unlike other parts of your home. You just have to make sure that your garage door is always functioning well.

Although garage doors are generally heavy duty, it has a lot of body parts and these parts will eventually have problems or stop working at one point due to heavy strain. Despite how simple the problem might be, it’s important to have your garage door checked and repaired. Once you hear weird noises or notice a little problem in your garage door, don’t wait for the condition of your garage door to get worse to avoid having injuries. Remember that it is huge and heavy. Have It repaired immediately or if necessary, have it replaced.

There are a lot of garage door companies that offer offer garage door repair services in a particular area to cater to the needs of the locals in that specific area.Noblesville Garage Door Company is a professional garage door company that provides garage door repair services for various parts of a garage door in Noblesville, Indiana. Our services include:

Spring Repair

Among all the parts of a garage door, it’s the spring that experiences the most tension and pressure because of its daily function of raising, lowering, and heavy lifting. For this reason alone, it is usually the first part that malfunctions compared to the other parts of a garage door. It is also made of metal so it is bound to rust and break down eventually as how any other metal parts are over time.

Once you observe that the garage door is getting heavy or slams when your try to close or open it manually, it might be a sign that there is a problem with your garage door spring. This immediately calls for a garage door spring repair or a garage door spring replacement.

You should know the kind of garage door spring that you have and this should be your first step should you decide to have it repaired or replaced. Torsion spring and tension spring are the two kinds of garage door spring. Torsion spring is the most common kind of garage door spring and it is usually positioned horizontally above the opening of the garage door. Extension springs are attached to the cables and to the bottom corners of a garage door.

If you have two torsion springs in your door, it’s important to replace both of them because even if only one torsion spring breaks down, the other one will also break down eventually. Besides, both torsion springs are created with the same lifespan.

Opener Repair

These are the most common problems that you encounter with a garage door opener:

  1. The garage door is not closing all the way.
  2. The garage door is not opening all the way.
  3. The remote is not working.
  4. The door reverses even before or after reaching the floor.
  5. The motor is still running even if the garage door is already closed.
  6. The door sticks while opening or closing.
  7. The wall switch is not working.
  8. The keypad is not working.
  9. The door is not opening during winter.

There is usually a simple solution to solve each of the problems mentioned above just like checking if the batteries in the remote are still working or if the cables are connected properly. If after checking and you don’t find any solution to these problems, you may need a garage door opener repair or replacement if necessary.

Cable Replacement

The garage door cable plays a vital role in a garage door system because it is responsible for the raising and lowering of the garage door. It also prevents a garage door system’s high-tension springs from recoiling which may lead to safety issues. Like any other mechanical part or device, garage door cables can wear out or malfunction over time. This calls for a garage door cable repair or replacement.

A garage door cable acts in accordance to the torsion spring. They are attached to the torsion springs which can be found in cable drums on both ends of the axle where the springs are located. They run from the roller brackets on the garage door’s bottom corners to its cable drums. The springs unwind and the tension stored helps lift the garage door whenever you open a garage door. If a garage door cable came off, you would definitely need to have it repaired or replaced.

Immediately call for a professional garage door company if the garage door cables are malfunctioning because your garage door would become useless and can pose hazards without the cable and it is also quite dangerous to work on high-torsion springs and cables.

Roller Replacement

A garage door roller is important to make sure that your garage door is operating properly. It needs to be lubricated, maintained, and replaced often. It can be made of different sizes, materials, and quality.

When you open a garage door, the torsion spring winds and raises the garage door along the tracks using the rollers that are attached to the garage door. If there are problems with the garage door rollers, it would be quite hard to raise or lower a garage door.

To know whether your garage door roller needs a replacement, simply remove the debris from the rollers and try lubricating them. If you still notice problems after doing these, you need to call for a professional garage door company.

These are some signs of a worn-out garage door roller which definitely calls for a garage door roller replacement:

  • Unsmooth closing and opening of the garage door
  • Excessive noises when operating the garage door
  • Problem with raising or lowering of the garage door

Off Track Repair

Your garage door may come off track and there are a number of reasons for it to do so. Here are some of them:

  1. The anchors are bad or the track is loose.
  2. There are dents or damages on the tracks.
  3. The track is not properly aligned.
  4. There is a build up of dirt and grime.
  5. The track needs lubrication.
  6. There are some loose parts in your garage door.

Some of these problems can be solved easily by removing the dirt and grime and by lubricating the tracks. If none of these work, call for professional help.

If you experience any problems with your garage door, give us a call and we will quickly do an inspection of your garage door and we will give you the best solutions to your garage door problems. We are available 7 days a week. We offer high quality service and guaranteed customer satisfaction at the most affordable rate. We also have qualified and well-experienced technicians when it comes to garage door repairs.

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