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Garage Door Installation Process

Installing a new garage door for your business or home is one of the quickest ways to give the entire property a new look and bump up the value of the property. You might also want to replace your existing door for reasons of safety or function. If the door isn’t working the way that it should or is outdated, then replacing it with a new one is an easy way to take care of this.

You should always work with a professional if you want to install a new garage door. This is because its opening mechanism is complex and made up of lots of different parts that need to work together for it to function properly. Your garage door springsgarage door tracksgarage door cables, and garage door panels all need to be aligned well.

 When our team carries out a garage door installation, we have a system that we go through. Starting off with measuring up the area of the new door and making sure that it is a perfect fit. Afterwards, we can show you different samples and options, as well as counseling you more generally on what to expect from the process.

Once you’re happy with your new choice, we can get to work. Our garage door installation service is comprehensive and complete and includes the installation of new tracks and an opening system, too. As soon as we’re done, your new door should be good to go right away. Oh, and did we mention that we take it upon ourselves to dispose of the old door, leaving your property clean and mess-free.

The Type of Garage Doors We Work With

We work primarily with steel garage doors for a number of reasons, among them is that steel is a durable, quality material that usually looks great and lasts for a long time. However, we also provide glass doors, if preferred.

That being said, we generally advise customers to opt for a steel door if they have no particular preference. Steel doors have a number of advantages, including:

We have a number of brands that we work with, with the largest being ‘Amarr’, ‘Clopay’, and ‘Wayne Dalton’. Amarr doors are best for those who want the hardiest door. Clopay doors give you a wider range of design choices, while Wayne Dalton is some of the best-looking, in our opinion.

Garage Door Brands

What is Insulation (in Garage Doors)?

An insulated garage door is a possibility if you want to protect your valuables from the elements or you need to keep your garage warm, maybe because your garage is not used solely for parking your car. While it’s not necessary in every case, some people prefer an insulated door to add a layer of durability to the panels. If you’re thinking about installing an insulated door for your garage, the r-value is the best way to know how well-insulated the door is.

Garage door insulation isn’t necessary in every case, but an insulated garage door can protect your vehicle or any belongings you might store in your garage better than an uninsulated garage door.

Garage Door Insulation

Styles of Garage Doors We Work With

Carriage house garage doors combine two of the most commonly desired elements of residential garage doors – the rustic charm of the carriage house and the modern convenience of an overhead-opening garage door.
Since traditional-style homes are created from various other architectural styles, there are any number of garage door designs that complement these homes.
Clean lines and classic functional details are the hallmarks of these garage door styles, making them well suited for the modern home.

Why Trust Us
As Your Professional
Garage Door Repair Company

When we carry out your garage door installation, we have guidelines and instructions that we follow. We have a team of professional and passionate technicians who have the appropriate training and qualifications for working with garage doors. Garage doors can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, which is why it’s crucial that you hire a professional to carry out the installation for you.

All our technicians are required a minimum of 10 years experience before they can start working on our team, which lets us guarantee that they have the appropriate training and skills to work on your property.

In addition, our team always gives you a quote in advance. We won’t start working until you know exactly what you need to pay for and how much it is going to cost. There are no hidden fees and no surprises. This is because customer satisfaction is so important to us, and we want to guarantee that you’re happy with our work.

When we replace your old garage door, we remove it and any accompanying pieces or features free of charge. This is part of our service that few of our competitors offer, and this is because your satisfaction is so important to us. Also, we ensure that a warranty backs all of our work.

This is why you can trust us to work on your home or business. You don’t need to worry about the skill of our technicians or whether or not our work lasts. We work exclusively with well-known brands for all of our parts, so you can rest assured that your door and its opening mechanism is sturdy and reliable. Also, we clean your property after we finish our work, so it looks exactly as it did when we started (if not better!)

If you have any queries about our team or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. We are more than happy to discuss our work with prospective customers, and we aim to get back to all correspondence as quickly as we can.